• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022


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031/365 – Art Around the City

Try, I double dog dare you to try, walk your city; ride a bike around your city. Take in the local art.

030/365 – When Else Can You Cross That Bridge?

029/365 – On the Porch

No chance of sitting on the dock of the bay on the regular. But, ending the day sitting here can be a pure joy. Nice place to reset.

028/365 – Lafayette, IN, PGA Tour Site?

There are only 9 holes here and the parking isn’t all that good. So, maybe, just maybe, it’s a stretch to consider having a PGA tour event here.

024/365 – The Trusty Ride

Small town living. There’s something about it. But, thinking that you are going to comfortably live in Da Booming Metropolis, the Home of Purdue without a car as an adult…

021/365 – Already Closed

The caption says it all. The park was closed and there was no way to experience The Steel Hawg. Indiana Beach itself isn’t all the impressive as an amusement park.…

017/365 – Just a little closer

Take a moment as you walk, bike, stroll and take it something you’ve never noticed before.