008/365 – A Reason to Segway

The Art in “Da Booming Metropolis” is “off the chain”

It got sold. Somebody likes me too much and she wasn’t feeling comfortable. So, I sold it. But, I first “discovered” all this art when walking during the pandemic. I finally did a Segway tour one day with camera in hand looking to capture it all. There’s even more these days. Need to take an e-bike tour next. But, the Segway didn’t require the use of my hands while I was moving.

It was just that one fall that ruined everything 😂

007/365 – From the Mountaintop

From the Mountaintop

In March of this year, I returned to the stage. One evening, while waiting for the curtain to open, I took this self-portrait.

I didn’t realize how much I missed the stage. I also didn’t realize how much trouble I have getting my lines right. Thank goodness, this was an enhanced stage reading.

Ah, the play was the two person play originally performed by Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett, The Mountaintop. Camae challenged me to be my best.