• Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

Line of Sight Delegation


Aug 8, 2022

When you work in a cubicle farm you get familiar with line of sight delegation. It’s unavoidable. Who the boss sees, gets the work, gets the recognition, gets the promotion. While that might be an oversimplification of the concept, anybody familiar with cube life is familiar with the concept.

This new decades long track doesn’t include people to knocking on the virtual cube door. Working from home has killed any desire of ever deciding to back to the office. But you still have to find ways to be visible and make sure that your team is visible. As managers, we endeavor to not be biased. We work to make sure our people have opportunities to be visible.

By the way, line of sight delegation is not necessarily a negative. Serendipity happens. You’re walking and minding your own business running into somebody who hasn’t seen you in in a minute and they have an opportunity just for you. While that could be luck, luck is defined as preparation meeting opportunity. It’s gets enhanced by visibility.

Make yourself available to being visible and take a moment and acknowledge the people you pass by.


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